Drilling EDM consists of making tiny holes (between 0.3 and 3 mm diameter) and very deep (30/1 length / diameter ratio) using concentric rotating electrodes. IAM has 1 drilling EDM machine.

The principle of drilling EDM is the same as that of a conventional drill: a hole of the required size (diameter and depth) is made in the part. Unlike the conventional drill, in this case the hole is made by an electrode, which, due to electrical discharges, erodes the material.

To carry out the drilling, like the other two EDM methods, both the electrode and the material are electrically charged so that, by electric discharges, material can be extracted and the hole is made. In the same way, a gap is always generated between the electrode and the part with dielectric fluid (water or mineral oil) that prevents both elements from being in contact.

This drilling method is applicable to any electrically conductive material regardless of its hardness, and is capable of making holes of a precision and size unreachable for other technologies.

The main function of this variant of EDM is to make the holes to be able to machine the part later by wire EDM, since, for the realization of interior shapes, the hole is necessary to introduce the conductive wire. However, the ability to drill 3-tenths of a millimetre holes with a 30/1 length ratio makes this technology very effective for specific parts.

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